It’s a love fest!

Afternoon Lovers,

And a happy Monday to us all! (Blurgh) Don’t fret though my pretty little peeps, I have yet another exciting Valentine’s story for you. 🙂 This one is all about how after great heartbreak, can come a surprising amount of happiness. Enjoy Lovers, and I hope it perks up your day a little!

A flurry of movement startled Gabrielle awake. She struggled to regain her composure as the couple walked in. She groaned inwardly as they joined hands and gazed at each other as they browsed the brochures. Newlyweds. Could there be anything more soul destroying? Tapping her hands against the keyboard in an attempt to look busy, Gabby’s mind began to wander back to happier times. Alejandro had been every woman’s dream. Unfortunately he knew it, and made every attempt to make as many lucky ladies dreams come true. With long blonde hair, stunning pectorials and hands so beautifully manicured he could make grown men cry with just a brush of his soft fingertips, he was everything she wanted and more. She smiled as she remembered what else he could do with those hands. He would undo her dress slowly, whispering Spanish nothings in her ear. It turned out those words of love had been the MacDonald’s menu in it’s entirety. She just thought the Spanish used the term Mc to express love, so you can imagine how often he told her he loved her. She closed her eyes, trying to block out those times, all those moments she said she loved him, and he had only uttered two large mcflurries and a coke back.

The couple approached the counter and Gabby shuffled her papers officiously, noting now that the computer was in fact not turned on. Damn electricity bills. Her travel shop had been heading steadily downhill after her break up with Alejandro. Probably due to the fact that she had taken seventy two sick days in a row. When you work for yourself that type of thing really takes it’s toll.

The man bent forward to ask a question and she caught a hint of his cologne. It wafted up her treacherous nostrils and went straight to her tear ducts, forcing her duck under the table for a moment to search for her ‘pen.’ Alejandro had been quite the entrepreneur, and his perfume Rub It Slow was one of the best sellers through out the country. It seemed every where she went his musk was destined to follow.

When she resurfaced a good three and a half minutes later, the couple looked at her bemused. A quick mirror check confirmed that not only was her mascara running, but a good smear of dribble was running from her chin down to her neck.

Gabrielle grimaced, but knew she’d used all the tissues trying to subtly stuff her bra in the miniscule chance Alejandro would sweep through the doors in the shirt she bought him, sweep her off her feet and carry her out of the tourism industry forever.

She tried to focus as the man began to talk, but his words wouldn’t compute. The woman next to him was clearly getting frustrated and it was all Gabby could do not to smack her back to last Monday.

Rage apparently was one of Gabrielle’s coping methods, or at least that’s what her therapist said.

Apparently the happy couple were planning their honeymoon and wanted to fly somewhere oh so romantic and secluded to while away their days with sex and spa baths. Gabby knew it was wrong, but booking two one way tickets to Guam was just too satisfying to pass up. After waving the couple out and assuring them of the unique qualities of their destination, Gabby returned to her desk and sank into her chair, completely dejected.

She craved adventure, danger and just a little spark in her hum drum life. Alejandro had given her that. Africa, Rome, Paris, America, he had called her from every destination, describing it so well for her that she felt as though she was really there with him. He always promised he would take her with him one day, but he had to give his complimentary tickets to his sisters first. As soon as one of them couldn’t make it though, he would take her. He promised. A tear slid down her cheek as she remembered catching him being an all too caring brother to three of his ‘sisters’ in the V.I.P lounge at the airport.

Gabrielle swiped her tears away, determined not to cry over him anymore. She had just decided on the number of cats she would buy that night when the door blew open. She lifted her head, mouth already half open to tell whoever it was that they were closed, and that’s when she saw him.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s holy house of tinsel! He was gorgeous! Everything about him screamed stunning and Gabby had to shift in her chair lest she get stuck to the seat. He strolled in, thumbing through catalogues in a nonchalant manner.

Nothing about Gabby’s thoughts were nonchalant at that moment. He was sex on legs. Nobody had made her feel like this since Alejandro. He took another step and adjusted his shirt in the heat. Never had Gabby praised the scorching heat so much as she did now. She resisted the urge to lick his neck as a small bead of sweat rolled down to nestle in the soft brush of his chest hair. Trying not to draw attention to herself, Gabby scuttled into the back room, snatching up her battery fan before sliding back behind the counter. She placed it on the desk, stealing glances at him as she did. Switching it on she stood in front of it, letting the cool air billow through her silk blouse. It felt heavenly and Gabby knew it was working wonders on drying the sweat marks under her arms. After working a tissue from her bra, she swiped at her face, cleaning all traces of spit, mascara and Ferrero Rocher off her skin.

Gabby’s pulse quickened as he approached the counter. Her knees quivered and her once dormant loins awoke with a fire that practically set her underwear alight.

“Morning.” He drawled. Good God. His voice melted on her ears like butter, and she found herself craving pancakes. Pancakes in bed. Pancakes in bed with him. Naked Pancakes. In fact, skip the pancakes.

“Hello.” She blurted out, aware that her pancake thoughts may be showing all to well on her face.

“I need to get away.” He said matter of factly.

“Where would you like to go?” she asked, licking her lips in anticipation.

“You choose.” He said, sending her a crooked smile that made her nipples stand on end.

She blushed, moving away from the fan so he wouldn’t see the affect he was having on her.

“Can I just say,” he started “ That you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Gabby just stared, open mouthed. The fan blew onto him, making his hair sway in the breeze it created, turning him from delicious stranger to godlike being not of this earth.

“I’m sorry, you must be married right? Lucky guy.”

“No!” Gabby yelled, before realising her faux pa. Way to play it smooth, she thought to herself.

She cleared her throat. “No, I’m not married.” She said, a little calmer this time.





“Just checking.” He chuckled, a throaty sound that bubbled up from his chest. Perfection.

And that’s when it all happened. He leaned towards her, ever so slowly, hands placed firmly on the counter. Gabby stayed perfectly still, hoping for a kiss, but knowing it wouldn’t come.

Oh it came. He pressed his lips to hers ever so gently, cupping her cheek with his hand as he did so. He softly eased her lips apart before his tongue invaded her inviting mouth. It was heaven. Never had Gabby been kissed like this. His hands made her want to melt as they caressed her face, her neck, her shoulders. She could have cried, overwhelmed at his tenderness. She realised she never wanted this moment to end. And that’s when she smelt it.

“What cologne are you wearing?” she asked, breaking the divine kiss

“I don’t wear cologne.” He replied

“Perfect.” She whispered, as they closed in for another mouth ravishing.

When they came up for air he clasped her hands.

“Come with me.” He gasped

“Why?” she asked “You don’t even know me.”

“Because I can’t not know you. “ he whispered, brushing his fingertips across her lips. “Ten minutes in your company and I want nothing more than to spend every second with you. I feel complete”

Gabby smiled, and it felt as though the cobwebs had fallen. She hadn’t smiled in months, and now, it was all she could do to stop.

“What’s your name?” she asked

“Adam.” He replied

“Then I suppose I must be Eve.”

“Wait, seriously?” he asked

“No.” she said, a little miffed that he had ruined the mood. She smiled wickedly as she thought about how she would punish him later on.

She grabbed her bag, giddy with elation.

“Where should we go?” Adam asked, as they burst through the doors.

“Anywhere but Guam.”

The End

Now I’m definitely in the holiday mood! Until next time Lovers, keep the libido alive!

Claire xx

Great bonking song: Goodbye Stranger

By: Supertramp

Best Used: For sweet sweet afternoon delight!


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