Cruella’s in the house!

Afternoon my Lovers,

Anyone just finished a little afternoon delight? I certainly hope so 😉 I myself am listening to my 90’s playlist of corny love songs. (Pretty much all Boys to Men and NSYNC with a few Backstreet Boys thrown in. What better way to spend a Saturday arvo?) Now today’s post will be fairly short, (unlike the epic playilst) because I’m just here to fill you in on some very exciting happenings coming up! I am officially going to my first sex party! Well, it’s more of a ball than a party apparently. 1000 – 1500 hot blooded, scantily clad men and women doing the ol bump and grind on the in between danglies. Sounds amazeballs right? Well it gets even better. It’s themed! That’s right, the theme this time round is Disney! I’m going as Cruella Deville and have already spent FAR too much money on getting my costume right. Think spotted pointy high heels, stay up black stockings, black semi see through panties with a slight spot motif, (black on black spots so very subtle) black garter belt and black and white bustier. My fabulous friend who has just finished design school will be helping me with a spotted cape type coat thing and some lace cuffs. Got the picture in your head yet? Lets hope so. The way this particular part-ay works is you rock up in regular clothes and get ushered into change rooms. This is where you transform into a pert princess with crotchless undies or a voluptuous villain with edible nipple pasties. The dress code is lingerie or nothing. You cannot enter the party with clothes. Boys are the same except even more limitations. Jocks, boxers or ass-less chaps. My my my what a display of manliness this will be! Of course I am very much aware that 90% of the men there will be over forty and with a slightly less than fit physique (to put it nicely) but that is why I have my back up man. I’ll tell you about him in further posts so by the time the party rolls round you’ll know him very well.

The night basically goes a little something like this, go in, get changed, head to the massive D-floor and start checking out the meat- er people I mean.  You dance, you drink (though not too much boys!) and then after a few hours you head upstairs to where the fun really begins. Personally I’m quite looking forward to the masters and mistresses. Even if I don’t participate I am keen to learn a thing or two. I tied my back up to my bed the other night but he kept escaping so I really need to get my knots in check.

So, are we excited? I know I am! The party is in late March so keep your eyes peeled and your legs spread for that post.

Until next time Lovers, have an erotic weekend!

Claire xx

Pick up Line of the week – I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours?


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