Disney Continues to get Down

Good Evening My Lovely Loverson’s!

How is your Monday treating you? Mine pretty much shafted me up the ass since I woke up. But speaking of ass, the last time we were together I was telling you about my most intriguing of Friday nights wasn’t I? Well let’s skip the chit chat and dive straight back into those murky and very much misty depths.

So, as I was saying, RB and I collapsed onto a slightly sticky bean-bag and tried to let our brains catch up with what our eyes had just seen. RB needed a smoke so we headed up to the rooftop again. I was super keen to head back up because that was where the mysterious Masters and Mistresses were performing their special favours. We ran up the stairs, excited as school kids (running past quite a few naughty school girls in the process) and popped up on the open-air deck. RB went to bum a smoke and I made a bee-line for the stage to start my education.

It was fascinating! On the left side of the raised platform stood a woman in her late fifties. She was bent over and had her hands clamped in medieval stocks. Behind her stood the Master, decked out in his leather finery and studded penis cup. As he turned his ass-less chaps blew gently in the breeze, showing off his knobbly knees and wide thighs. He was in his late sixties, the type of guy you would expect to see at the local pub, having a bet on the races and drinking a beer with your Dad. But not tonight. Tonight he was the whip master, and boy could he wield those things with skill. It was like a dance. In one hand he held a light cat o’ nine tails and in the other he held a much heavier version. He bopped his feet to the beat of the music as he laid into Rapunzel, her back arching as her ass craned higher for more.

Smack, smack Thwack! Went his whips. Two from the light whip and one with the heavier version. He laid into her entire body with the lighter of the two, getting her blood circulating for the harder, more intense lashes. Rapunzel was bloody loving it. She tapped her toes in their high-heeled fuck me boots and smiled widely every time the heavy whip bit into her skin. I was entranced, thrilled to be seeing such total and complete sexual pleasure. Rapunzel’s friends Pinocchio and Ariel were wolf whistling and cheering her on as her Master drove the whips home. On the other side of the stage a couple clearly very new to the BDSM scene were getting a lesson in spanking. I mentally took notes as the Mistress and her kilted helper demonstrated how to slap with the most accuracy, making specific mention to hit just above or below the clit until the subject is ready. Yes, I can imagine not being ready for that particular spank would be quite the mood killer.

After taking in my fill of leather, I turned to head back to RB. I noticed two gentlemen in their late forties sitting quietly by themselves and I decided to have a chat. I plopped myself down next to them and we all introduced ourselves. Mickey Mouse and his wife were long time swingers and had decided to branch out from their usual house parties to try something on a large scale. Popeye and his wife were fairly new to the whole scene but with the safety blanket of Mickey, had decided to take the plunge. I divulged to Mickey my disappointment that all the levels weren’t themed. I had been promised a Wet Room and a Latex Room etc. Luckily Mickey knew of some other regular haunts around town that he suggested I check out in the future. I probably would have chatted to them half the night if RB hadn’t suddenly appeared next to me. I said my goodbyes and with a hop skip and a blow job we were heading downstairs. We finished off the last of our money with two more beers and stored my purse safely away so our hands could be completely free to roam. Once more we were drawn to the bean bags, and this time, it was serious.

I decided it was time to boost RB’s confidence to the max. I pushed him onto the bag and sprawled languorously on top of him, determined to make something happen. I kissed him slowly as my hands roamed south. He wasn’t hard as yet but I had expected as much. I grabbed his cock (or, considering he was dressed as Aladdin, his monkey) and put it to my lips. And not the ones one my face. Ooh snap! We sat like that for a while, just kissing and being close. I could feel him getting hard, and I smiled. If he could get hard them the struggle was over. He could have a great time banging every bird he liked, and I wouldn’t have to stick around. We could both be free agents, roaming like sex crazed scantily clad monks. I slipped it in and we spent the next few minutes having a most enjoyable bout of grease the weasel as couples all around us furiously pounded into each other. It was so marvellously freeing to be able to have sex while the music pounded in our ears and the thriving masses on the dance-floor bumped and ground their way into our senses. There was nothing awkward or uncomfortable about it. It was simply sex in it’s purest form.

After a while I could see a few couples eyeing off our bean bag, so I gestured to RB and we hopped off the platform and headed back over to the other side of the room, which was now orgy central.

We took a seat next to a pretty little Asian girl who was sucking off a smart looking Indian fellow. I nudged RB and winked. Small, Asian and obviously up for sex, it was just his type. I was worried he might be put off by the Indian dude but he grinned and knelt down to give her pipes a good clean. I smiled, happy that he was comfortable in himself at last. Before I knew it Mr Indian’s mans friend was in front of me and striking up conversation. (By the by, at 1am at a sex party striking up conversation is usually code for putting your penis in someone’s mouth or sitting on a face that’s free. Just a heads up for all you newbies hoping to add a sex soiree to your repertoire.) We played nice for a while but when he wanted to have sex I excused myself with the age old gem “Sure, I just have to pee first.” I winked at him and scampered off, leaving RB face first in his chicken chow mien. I sat on the edge of the dance floor, soaking in the steamy cloud of sex that now permeated the whole floor. It was like a fog that had descended, and all those caught underneath it were free to frolic as they pleased. And my oh my did they frolic. I was still caught up in my dirty day-dreams when I noticed a couple beckoning to me from their bean bag. I looked behind me to see if they were gesturing to a friend, but unless the odd-looking lizard man near me was a great mate of theirs, they were calling to me! I slid over to them and smiled shyly. Hercules and his woman Mulan were from New Zealand and were one of the cutest couples I have had the pleasure to meet. I asked them how long they had been together and they chimed “We’re engaged!” with giddy excitement. That wasn’t the question I asked but still I squealed as she showed off her engagement ring and congratulations were exchanged.

“We love each other so much and I just love to give him more of what he wants.” Gushed Mulan. I nodded, awestruck that she could be so comfortable in herself and in her relationship to freely tote her man around at sex parties. But the time for talking was over as he pulled me down for a kiss. He was a good kisser too, a fact I relayed to Mulan as she busied herself with Hercules balls of steel. She noticed me looking down at her and thought I was checking out her man’s equipment. She pointed to it and grinned.

“You want to have a go?” I quickly shook my head and explained I didn’t want to do anything to cause trouble in their relationship. They both threw back their heads and laughed as if I had just shown them the best cat video over.

“It’s ok.” Mulan assured me, and she pulled me closer and was kissing me as we both massaged Hercules balls. Then it was switcheroo time as she took the top and I took the bottom. I was having quite the nice time down there until suddenly he made a noise. My head snapped up, his cock slipping out of my mouth with a wet pop.

“Are you alright?” I asked, alarmed that I had accidentally bitten down or something. He laughed and pulled me up to him. They both looked at me expectantly and I knew it was sex time.

“Sorry, I just have to pee. I’ll be right back.” And I jumped up and scurried away to the bathrooms.

I didn’t know what it was, I just suddenly knew I didn’t want to have sex with anyone tonight. I realised with startling clarity that sex to me wasn’t just sticking it in and jiggling it around a bit in hopes you’ll hit the jackpot, it was more. I needed the foreplay, the slow build, then the quickening pace and finally the big finish. The more I looked around, the more I noticed that none of these people were coming. Sure the women were, there was evidence of that on almost every seat in the place, but no one was sticking in for the long haul. It was all very poke, poke, poke move on. That’s not sex to me. If I wanted that I had a perfectly good battery operated version at home. I nodded to myself, confident and strangely happy with my unorthodox decision. But hey, you don’t need to have sex to have a good time, of that I was certain.

I traced my way back to RB and found him sitting alone stroking his suddenly sad looking penis with a mutinous look on his face. Sweet and Sour was sitting next to him looking decidedly sour.

“What happened?” I asked.

“ She won’t touch my dick cause I’m not Asian.” He pouted “ I went down on her for like twenty minutes!” I had to laugh. Of all the people in a sex party, RB had to pick the only frigid girl in the place. Suddenly he set his jaw and stood up, a determined look on his face. He turned on his heel and strode away, assumingly to go and find himself a more willing participant.

I tottered up to the second floor to revisit the old grope box but found something even better on the way. Chicken Shapes! I sat by the edge of the bar and devoured and entire bowl of the best damn shapes I had ever tasted and watched the show. Then I felt a hand on my arm. I looked up and there was Snow White, grinning down at me.

“Oh my god, you have no idea how wet I have been tonight. It’s literally running down my leg.”

I smiled and gave her a thumbs up, my mouth too stuffed with shapes to reply. She grabbed me and pulled me up and over to where Prince Charming was.

“This guy is the best fuck I have ever had, did you know that? He makes me squirt every time.”

At this moment in my hurry to swallow my shapes I inhaled some into my nose and started choking a little. Snow White took this as surprise and cried “That’s it! He should make you squirt!”

I finally dislodged the offending shape and with a very unladylike snort sucked it back down my throat enough to answer.

“Uh, I don’t squirt. Sorry.”

“Oh but you will!” she said

I looked at her uncertainly. After all, it is the rare girl who can squirt these days. She pulled me down on a couch and pulled my knees apart.

“You’re going to feel like you need to pee. Just go with it. The key is to relax.” I shrugged and nodded. Who was I to pass up a free lesson? It was only fair to let the poor guy try.

Within seconds his fingers were in the trenches and working hard. Yikes what was he doing to me! Snow White was right, I really did have to pee! I squirmed and pulled a face but she was ready.

“Bear down!” she yelled over the music

“What the hell?” I screamed back. Since when was I giving birth? She jumped forward and pressed both her hands down hard on my abdomen.

“Holy fuck!” I cried. And no, not with pleasure. Imagine you really have to pee and there is a finger jammed to your core and then someone bounces onto your stomach like you’re a trampoline. Not much fun.

After a few more minutes Prince Charming stopped and I sagged back against the couch, relieved my poor little coochie was finger free once more.

“So it didn’t work huh?” I asked, thinking he had just got tired and stopped.

“No, of course it did, you totally squirted.”

“Huh-?” But I never got to finish that sentence, as his hand was shoved into my face and the evidence of my squirting fiasco was firmly implanted in my mind. Not to mention my eyes.

“Yeah babe rub it on her face. Ooh.” Snow White was cooing next to me, asking me how I felt, how amazing it was, how it wasn’t pee at all but womanly mist.

Well in that part she was right. I wouldn’t exactly describe it as ‘womanly mist’ but it certainly wasn’t pee. I still had it dripping down my face so of that fact I was very grateful.

Prince Charming was getting randy though and he started begging me to let him fuck me. I said of course, as soon as I went to pee.

Works every time.

After I toweled down I went in search of RB. I just wanted to make sure he was ok after his slightly disheartening start.

When I reached the orgy room again it was clear he had come back with a vengeance as the Minnie mouse I had pointed out to him earlier was doing the most marvelous things to him with her tongue. I watched for a few moments, making sure all was good. I didn’t want to sleep with him again, but as I had brought him here I felt a strange duty of care. Oh yeah, I could totally be a teacher.

…Ok maybe not.

But how did the night end? Did I go home with someone? Did I pass out from sheer sexual exhaustion? Did I get a tasty kebab?

Tune in next time to find out!

Claire xx

Good bonking song: Shake it Off

By: Taylor Swift

Best Used: For hard and fast girl on top bouncy sex. You go girlfriend!


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