Sexual Conundrum #23 – Neck Brace

Hey hey Lovers!

Ok just a quickie tonight as I’m furiously typing on a tram 😉

I have a conundrum! Tonight is the third date with a very VERY delicious man I’ve been seeing. So far we haven’t had sex.

Crazy I know!

But no Lovers, you don’t sleep with the people you really like 😉 (well he did stick it in a little bit when we were in the shower but that doesn’t count, right?)

Anyways I decided tonight was to be the BIG night! Everything was waxed, shaved and primped in readiness and then… Disaster!

The poor guy is in a neck brace!! Some sort of nerve thing or whatever, his doctor’s not sure. But that’s not important, the important thing is, how do you have sex (and good sex at that) with a guy in a neck brace?? Is this the universe trying to say tonight isn’t a good time? Or is the universe being sly and asking me “Challenge accepted?”

Tricky. Very tricky.

What else can I do but strap on my nurse chaps and get in there?

I take the role of nurse and TLC giver very seriously. In fact it took me over half an hour to pick a bra and panty set that was nursey enough! (It’s pretty much the only outfit I don’t have so I had to improvise.) I’m heading over there with a literal backpack of goodies. (Seriously it weighs a ton.) I’ve got my laptop and some DVDs, chocolate and chips, the most sexy erotic novel i had in my shelf (for bed time stories if he can’t sleep), my orgasmatron and some body butter in case he needs a massage in ‘sore’ places.

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out Lovers! If I get my way there’ll be orgasms all round, but if that pesky massive injury gets in the way it could just end up being a very pg sleepover.

The horror!

Claire xx

Pickup line of the week: (one for the boys) What has two thumbs, a 7 inch cock and speaks French?

Points two thumbs at himself



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