Bring forth my riding crop boy!

Salutations Lovers!

I hope you used the weekend wisely and experimented with all number of kitchen utensils! No? Ok well now you have an idea for the next time you get bored in the bedroom. Just maybe stay clear of the cheese grater. Yowch.

Speaking of slightly painful experiences, I promised you a look at my first foray into the world of BDSM didn’t I? Well this mistress never leaves her subs wanting, so here we go!

The day started in possibly the most vanilla way you can imagine Lovers, with a picnic in the park. Myself and a mate loaded up two backpacks and a handbag with as much cheese, wine and balsamic glaze we could carry. After finding a sweet little spot in the park next to a pond, complete with hungry ducks and annoying seagulls, we settled down to drink our way through three bottles of wine.

Such a great day!

Although any day that involves copious amounts of cheese and wine is always on my top five things to do on a weekday!

After spending a few hours lounging around eating and drinking to our hearts content, we decided to take the party into town and carry on. We searched for anywhere with a happy hour, as we’d blown most of our drinking budget on fancy cheese (I regret nothing.) Finally we found a bar that not only had a happy hour that involved beer, but was chock full of old school arcade games.


We cruised the length of the bar, scoping out the best games (and by best I mean cheapest) and settled on Mario Kart. The only catch was there just happened to be two boys already playing, but as we all know, Mario can be a four player game…

Three beers later we were all best buds and gamers for life! The two guys had been drinking all day (just like us) so we were all keen to keep the fun going for as long as we could, but what is there to do at six thirty on a Tuesday? You guessed it, QUIZ NIGHT!

Yeah so it turns out you should never sign up for a quiz night when not only are you pissed, but literally know nothing about pretty much anything. Needless to say we came last, but on the plus side we smashed the best chips and gravy I have had in years. In my mind that makes us all winners!

During the painfully difficult quiz questions however, one of the boys Andreas, had been very heavily flirting with me. I wasn’t really keen so was just playing along and trying to keep my errant juice box safely in my pants. But as soon as he mentioned the fact he like to be dominant in the bedroom my ears pricked up and my ovaries contracted. Dominant? Ooh, how dominant? My thoughts took me straight back to the awful experience I had had with Irishman and his sad little attempt at domination. I shuddered inwardly, desperately hoping I’d never repeat that mistake again. So I questioned Andreas extensively. How did he dominate? What did he like? What was the most dominant thing he had done?

The bastard dodged every question like a pro politician. Gah! Although he was apparently very confidant in his skills. Hmmmm.

Do I take the chance and let the loins lead? Or do I bid him adieu and head home for a sausage roll and a shower?

The loins have it.

We jumped in a cab after bidding my girlfriend farewell (it’s ok, she was occupied with the bartender) and hightailed it home. I could barely contain my excitement. I was finally going to test out my riding crop, among other things! Squee!

However, the strangest thing happened when we got to my room. I pushed Andreas inside, closed the door and dimmed the light down real low.

Sexy low.

And all of a sudden he wanted to be my sub.


Yep, the tables had suddenly turned on me. I had no idea why he had changed his tune, but before I knew it I was fishing my scarves out of the cupboard and tying him to my bed butt naked. Not before I blindfolded him of course.

Alrightey then, now’s the time to shine! For a moment I panicked and thought about calling the whole thing off. What was I doing? Why was there a blind man trussed up on my bed? Why did I have that last shot?

But then a strange calm settled over me and somehow I knew exactly what to do.

I grabbed my riding crop and slapped it hard against my hand.

“Has sir been disobedient?” I growled

“What?” Andreas squeaked

“I said, has sir been disobedient?”

“Um, yes?”

“Yes, what?” I snapped

“Yes… ma’am?”

“Ma’am is my mother,” I drawled haughtily “You may call me Mistress and nothing else. Understood?”


“Yes what?” I cried, swatting the riding crop onto my hand once more.

“Yes Mistress!”

“Good boy.” I purred. Oh my god, this was going to be so much fun!

Slowly I trailed the crop up his stomach, circling his nipples before stroking his face with it.

“Do you want it?” I asked. Andreas nodded nervously. I smiled devilishly and brought the crop down lightly over his nipples, loving the feeling of power as he flinched slightly.

“More?” I purred. He nodded again. “Answer me!” I barked

“Yes please mistress!”

I smacked the crop down on his stomach hard, before raining lighter stroked up his chest and then down over his thighs. The dude was loving it, but more importantly, so was I! I crawled over him to my bedside table where I had a packet of Smarties breathing for tomorrow’s consumption (gotta let chocolate breathe, just like a fine wine!) I popped a couple in my mouth before hovering over Andreas.

“I’m going to put something in your mouth,” I whispered, trying to sound alluring with a mouth full of chocolate ” and you’re not going to chew, understand? You’re going to suck every last one of them. If you don’t comply Mistress will punish you. Tell me you understand pet.”

Andreas nodded and hurried to let me know he did indeed understand. I gave him a long kiss and deposited the smarties in his mouth, biting his lip as I drew away just as an extra warning.

Jesus what was I doing? I was getting way too caught up in this shit.

Meh, I’m in it now, who cares?

Hmm what else could I use to have a little fun with this guy? That’s when I spied the candles.

Oh goody.

After congratulating my pet on his valiant efforts not chew his smarties, I rewarded him with a good slug of candle wax down the middle of his chest.

The big baby was a total squirmer so I had to punish him with a few more strokes of the crop. Yes, this was the best! There was something so amazingly sexy about being in total control, not to mention the super hot role play we were engaging in. And before the nicer Lovers out there start crying “Oh Claire that’s so mean! You could have hurt the poor boy!” I’ll have you know I asked constantly what he could and couldn’t handle, what he liked and didn’t like and of course we had a safe word. Pancakes. Plus if you’re going to tell me you’re a super masculine dom in the bedroom I’m going to go hard on you, it’s only fair right?

Speaking of fair, after a while Andreas wanted to swap positions. For a moment I was unsure, he could tie me up and beat me black and blue and there wouldn’t be much I could do about it, but that’s when I remembered I had a house mate next door who I could call out for in case of emergencies. Sure it would be awkward as fuck, but hey, he knows I do some crazy stuff in bed anyways.

I acquiesced and Andreas proceeded to tie me up just as I had done to him. As soon as the first flick of the crop caught me near the belly button I knew I was going to like it. The tables were turned and suddenly the Mistress had to answer politely back to her Sir or face the consequences. Only problem was I quite enjoyed suffering through those particular consequences. I saw a flicker of light out the corner of my blindfold and suddenly hot wax was dribbling down my side.

Ooh the deliciousness of it all!

What a thrill Lovers! It was just hot enough to sting but cooled almost instantly into a lovely tacky paste that stuck to my skin like a tight fitting dress. Yes please! I arched my back up for more and Andreas complied, pouring wax over my stomach and nips. Gah, the awesomeness! That’s when I felt it trickle past my side and pour onto the bed sheet. The bed sheet I had literally just washed! Not cool man. The Mistress in me strained at the scarves holding me down, eager to sit up and smack a certain sir across the face. I pouted; you wouldnt get this shit in Fifty Shades.

We carried on like this for a little longer before the issue of sex was brought up. Andreas tried to slip on a condom but all that beer we had imbibed earlier certainly wasn’t doing him any favours. Plus he was quite large. Not in length so much but he was very girthy. Suddenly he got all angsty at me for not stocking extra large condoms.

This isn’t a 7/11 mate!

If he needed special equipment he should have packed his own, that’s what I say. Urgh, men!

So after wasting three of my condoms, which were in dwindling supply as it was, Andreas finally gave up and we both settled down to sleep. Settled down to sleep in a bed that was soaked with black candle wax.


The next morning I had to laugh though, as I woke to a face covered in wax with Andreas pulling on his pants double time.

“I have to get to work.” he muttered.

“S’ok.” I mumbled sleepily. I really couldn’t care less at this point dude.

He finished putting on the rest of his clothes in record time and without a smile or goodbye swept out of the room. I waited until I heard the front door close before bursting into laughter. The poor boy was terrified! I’d either scared him with my harsh words, frightened him with my deft lashings or the sight of my terribly distasteful leopard skin doona had sent him into an apoplexy so severe he simply couldn’t stay a minute longer.


I put my hands behind my head, pulling yet more wax out of my hair as I did so, and lay back with a satisfied smile on my face. Andreas was only twenty five, poor little guy, so he probably wasn’t expecting me to unleash quite the arsenal I did, but oh was it fun!

Needless to say I never heard from Andreas again, but I’d like to think he’s out there somewhere, building up his candle wax tolerance day by day… 😉

Claire xx

Best bonking song: Smack my bitch up

By: The Prodigy

Best Used: Sparingly! Use it for that super rough, take me now, fuckity fuck sex.


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